Tuesday, April 28, 2009


David got it! Taposiris Magna, about 45 km south-west of Alexandria on the coast of Egypt. Next time I will pick something more obscure ;)


this site has been in the news recently

When on Google Earth 27

Q: What is When on Google Earth?
A: It’s a game for archaeologists, or anybody else willing to have a go!

Q: How do you play it?
A: Simple, you try to identify the site in the picture.

Q: Who wins?
A: The first person to correctly identify the site, including its major period of occupation, wins the game.

Q: What does the winner get?
A: The winner gets bragging rights and the chance to host the next When on Google Earth on his/her own blog!

Since I figured out WOGE 26: http://woge26.blogspot.com/ it is now my turn!

I hope this isn't too easy, or maybe it's not easy at all...